Our client wanted customers. We decided to give them travel fans. The idea was to navigate them to client’s ‘One Stop Shop’ for travel related business and would want to leave their briefcases for suitcases.

From the outset, the major challenge was to create a user-friendly information architecture that would both house and successfully highlight a wide variety of disparate information – much of which had not yet been created.

Our job was to provide an intuitive interface, good quality web content that can attract, convert and retain fans. We wired the website to become the ‘go to’ of travel requirements with refreshing content, easy usability, and quick responses. Before and after the launch we supported the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process to ensure the live site met both business and user requirements. While, we did wish them ‘Bon Voyage’ for their journey into getting more business, but we have never given them an opportunity so far to say Cest la Vie to us. We are happy travel partners.