• Tips for a winning content strategy for B2B companies

    Posted on November 5, 2015 by admin

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    Business to Business or B2B companies have for the longest time simply relied on pushing out the information through advertisements, trade shows and other rather boring formats. But now with the content marketing gaining ground all that is set to change. B2B companies too can now have an exciting marketing plan that will charm their customers!

    We offer here some tips to get on the bandwagon.

    1. Focus on the buyer: Content marketing is not about you. Focus on getting the customers’ questions answered and what you or your product can do for them. The buying process is essentially series of queries from prospective buyers, answering them will help them in making a decision and may lead to a purchase. Answering their queries and concerns in an effective manner can lead to a positive conversion and loyalty.

    2. Get blogging: Create a blog on the company’s website and maintain it on a regular basis. It will help in engaging with current and prospective customers while increasing traffic to your website. Don’t forget to promote your blogs through the social media. Also encourage your customers to share your content.

    3. Newsletter: Whoever said e-mail was dead didn’t fathom the importance of the newsletter. A well designed, interesting newsletter sent to your contacts/customers is a great way to connect at different levels. It’s a great content marketing tactic for relation-building.

    4. Involve the stakeholders: Your stakeholders are the advocates of not only your business, but of the industry. Involving them in content creation will help get a wider perspective and insights. Think of creative formats for the content, like videos, infographics, microsites, and even podcasts. Co-workers, vendors, customers etc each one can help you broaden your horizon, and reach out in a more effective way.

    5. Create long form content: Long form content has multitude effect. First Whitepaper, eBooks, Research paper etc all help to establish you as the thought leader in your sphere. Second, downloading the documents will lead to an exchange of prospect’s contact details, which can help in building an audience base for your newsletter. Also, you get to know your target audience who are actively interested and searching and getting influenced with the kind of information provided by you.

    6. Get on LinkedIn: If you are not on it, get on it now…pronto!! LinkedIn is the Mecca of companies looking to engage with prospects on a professional basis. Sure enough, 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to share content. LinkedIn’s targeted advertising, blogs, pages and groups all offer an unique advantage of interacting with your focus group.

    7. Quora: The Q&A community offers questions from various industries to answer. Look up queries related to yours and answer effectively. It’s a great way to develop thought leadership and drive traffic to your website.

    Last but not the least (actually it’s the first) before getting on with the Content marketing plan, make sure you have a solid strategy in sync with your sales strategy. This will hold you in good stead if the going gets tough.

    At Camas, we believe that to communicate effectively, simple messages that deliver your point are more useful. Personally, we like to test our messages on our mothers. If they can’t understand it, we have failed to communicate it properly.

    Suggest what you think can be effective B2B strategies and make sure your mom understands!