• The Top 6 No-no’s for Content Marketing

    Posted on July 6, 2015 by admin

    Category: Blog, Social Media Marketing

    The hottest thing in the market this season (apart from the scorching weather of course!) is Content Marketing. Over the past couple of years the humble content has grown to epic proportions and today takes the magnum share of the marketing budgets of most top companies and of those who understand how important this sleeping giant has become.

    Everyone might tell you what to do in order to jump onto the bandwagon, but we will discuss here what not to do in order to get the ball rolling. So listed below are some of the absolute no-no’s of a successful content marketing plan.



    1) Not having a plan: Blasphemous we say! Not having a content strategy is like trying to drive a car without wheels. Try it…chances are it won’t work and will leave you mighty frustrated. Your business strategy will define your content strategy and goals so make sure it’s all clear in your head. You need to know why you want to create content, , your objectives, your target audience. Only then you will be able to generate content which will be read by them.

    2) Be full of yourself- You can see us shaking our heads in total agreement on this one! Talking just about yourself/your product will not get you anywhere. Your content needs to be diverse in order to position you as a thought leader/innovator in your sphere. To be successful at content marketing one must stop interrupting what people want to watch, and start creating content that people want to watch. Remember, content marketing is not pushing, it’s attracting. Ideally, a 70:30 ratio (70 % curated and 30% original) works well.

    3) Be sporadic- If you don’t take your content seriously, no one else will. As David Meerman Scott said: ‘Nobody cares about your products except you. Create interesting content’. Along with interesting, your content needs to be updated regularly. For example if you are running a blog, make sure you have something to post at regular intervals. 3 posts in one month and then complete silence for the next 2 months will drive your engagement away.

    4) Drab dull headlines- Would you read a post that has a dull and a listless headline? We don’t bookthink so, and neither would we or our friends. So you see having a catchy headline and an attractive image will ensure that your content gets clicked on and shared around.

    5) Not spreading the content- Writing the content and publishing it on your website isn’t enough. Don’t hold on to it. The more you share, the more you grow. Social media is your go-to after you are done with creation. That means turning your blog posts into tweets, slideshows, Facebook posts, infographics etc. Make your content available on all platforms and most importantly make it easy for people to share your content via social sharing buttons.

    6) Fret over the KPIs- Just like you won’t lose weight with just a week of hitting the gym, the same way your content will not start working for you immediately. Long-term success will require an “always on” approach, building presence and engagement over time. Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. So keep calm and keep creating content.