We had a client who was only looking out for underprivileged youth to profit from their cause. We decided to chip in. Tooling this project as our corporate social responsibility, we worked to deliver free of charge On-page and Off-page Optimization. We offered them a platform to reach out to masses and explain the purpose of their existence. We go them buzzing ad networking and explained the criticality of their existence. They attracted more volunteers and donors through Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization.

The client has grown enough to organize a school football league annually, and we continue to wear the studs for them in the content marketing field.

As time passed, we have made some great friends and continue our friendship. We started off as client and agency and now work as indispensable partners. Small or big – size of the company doesn’t matter. What matters confident and ambitious companies who are willing to put them out there and do some extraordinary things.