• It’s Time To Think Content!

    Posted on November 16, 2016 by admin

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    Today the role of content creators and storytellers has grown to a much larger magnitude as compared to yesterday. Every brand, corporate, individual or organisation is looking forward to sharing stories with their audiences like direct consumers, passive consumers, prospective consumers, stakeholders, employees and the universe to gain their attention, build the trust factor, seize their competitor’s market and lastly the image building exercise.

    The job of content marketers is to create and present the different information related to their clientele in an eye-catching and appealing format to satiate the knowledge hunger of a curious customer who is looking to follow continuous information. The content marketers put an incredible amount of focus on their content to reach their business goals. A smart consumer of content looks forward to associating with agencies who follow a practice of creating customised content. Content creating firms are following the mantra of putting up killer content and creating them in bulk for their numerous clients to showcase their momentum and expertise.

    Amidst all this, there is also a school of thought that content marketing is not only about creating content. How about giving a thought to pointers like execution, dissemination, being accountable for user’s experience and other elements of marketing strategy to affect audience’s thoughts, emotional quotient and later on their actions.
    What marketers usually do, they focus on the real purpose of the content, create a list of goals for self and their audience, but minimal attention is paid to its implementation, distribution, user experience as a part of marketing strategy to address audience’s thoughts, feelings, and actions.

    They strongly support that Content marketing is about consumer behaviour and create content to maintain as well as change it. The marketing process along with the content must follow the followings:

    • Customer loyalty and retention
    • The demand factor
    • Engaging conversations

    Well, this goal can be only achieved by a series of content at regular intervals with a connection to your business and distribution of it should be made strategically for it to work. Clearly, in the days to come and content marketing will be an important tool for established and establishing business ventures. The litmus test in this business is when you succeed in changing the behaviour of a person; satisfy their needs, and of course offering value added service, you have a great chance of earning their loyalty and their business.”

    The Methodology:

    i) Need specific: Delivering content that speaks to a customer’s specific needs, and by convincing them that their product or service is the solution.

    Flipkart Phone Exchange:

    Crux Content: Technology accelerates on a daily basis, and our gadgets need to match their frenetic jump to fuel our fast-paced lives.

    b) The Emotional Connect

    • Men will be Men – Imperial Blue

    Crux Content: It portrays small but whimsical moments of a normal man’s life that almost goes unnoticed as liquor brands cannot directly promote their products.

    • Amul:

    Crux Content: The brand is famous for their topical stories and creativity. For cause or issue, Amul is always there with its opinionated version.

    c) Building trust

    Presentation of a clear, actionable advice inspired feelings of confidence in readers and built their trust in the company. The company will witness a significantly higher number of hits and customer engagement.

    Samsung Note 7 Fiasco:

    The leading phone making brand Samsung too experienced an embarrassing setback. A situation of crisis occurred through communication as a statement by brand in Hongkong assured customers that their phones had a different battery than the ones being reported about and they will not be affected. However, the very next day Samsung was forced to withdraw that statement when they realised that 500 phones in Hong Kong had in fact been affected after all.

    d) Positive user interface:

    Customer satisfaction is based on customer experience and only if an experience is good, will it be repeated. The brand needs to ensure it is providing a good communication to its customers on all available platforms.

    Never create content just for the sake of creating. Many fail to create the right balance of a relationship with the thoughts and feelings of their audience, and that is how you lose the game.

    The holistic strategy

    This holistic strategy gives audiences the content, channels, and resources to answer their questions and achieve their goals online, consider action that is beneficial for business. So, while content is of supreme importance, the reality of content marketing is different.

    It is a medium to invite bringing customers and retain them, serve them a positive experience with customer-centric marketing. So the real marketers involve themselves in creating content which will bring in changes in consumer behaviour rather than investing in research to produce some great content.