• Content marketing is a package which sums up all creation of content, publishing them and distributing them amongst your target audience. The ultimate aim is to retain and attract new customers with a focussed communicative approach.

    With the rise of social media, they have become an important component of social media marketing-The content can be in the form of blogs, visual content, infographics, etc.
    Can we relate to one of the scenarios that why we say content marketing is about convincing & converting?

    a) You are heading a personal care brand, and it’s your start-up. You are passionate about taking it to new heights, but nothing charismatic has happened so far.

    You come with interesting blogs on beauty secrets, how herbal cosmetics can rejuvenate your skin, may be a small video blog of your beauty workshop and much more can go online. If your content is good and attention grabbing, it will start charting on Google.

    This certainly motivates you and start sending these blogs and information content to your target audience. As the wedding season comes closer, many of your prospective women brigades will be on the look out for beauty solutions that’s where the smart content marketing will make them meet to you.


    Viral sharing creates awareness for your brand – Everyone is an influencer today! Your content is good and engaging readers, and people are interested in sharing it, that is a success to be cherished.

    SEO: Content is the king, and it can drive your Search Engine Optimization.

    Content drives purchases: We base our decisions on online content when shopping online or researching for offline purchases.

    Buyer Behaviour: It has changed a lot due to digitalisation, we now look forward to referring wider opinion from others like us about products and services, whether rating sites, blogs or social networks


    a) What’s your objective?
    Why are you doing this at all? How can content help your client or organization – Create awareness, Gain business, improve loyalty and brand building? Know your goals before you begin planning.

    b) What’s Your USP?
    Everybody is posting content on the internet, then what sets you apart? Will your content be useful to be the world? Will you be disproportionately motivational, inspirational, or otherwise? You need to freeze on the heart & soul of your program.

    c) The comprehensive proof personality research
    Who is your content target? It is mandatory for everyone but especially for those who are starting new. Basis this you can produce more relevant and valuable content that they will want to read and convert on.
    Growing your audience is the important parameter for any content marketer. Retaining the old ones and targeting a new group of people to your current target market should be your motto. A revisit to your audience parameters by conducting market research annually is crucial to growing your audience.

    d) The Presentation:
    How well is your content presented to the world? Any eye-catching headline, some interesting excerpts, a compelling picture should be strong enough to make your audience clink on the whole content and read till the end.

    e) Publish and manage your content.
    Organizing the distribution pattern of your content is equally important. Maintaining an editorial calendar will keep on the right track for publishing a well-balanced and diverse content library on your website. The next is to maintain the momentum of the social media pages. Follow a social media calendar, and you can promote and manage your content wisely.

    Count of timely topics too apart from your regular stuff. Doing something innovative on special days like New Year, Indian Festivals, Historic days of our country can generate traffic on your page.

    f) Measuring your content:

    Page views

    Time on site

    Crawl rate

    Bounce rate

    Inbound links

    Track this regularly to understand your success measure of your website. In social media, it is pretty easy to understand the metrics. The engagement, reach, and share is essential factors to take account of. Social media is one of the largest sources of big data in the world; you cannot deny the increasing rate of social signals and how they contribute towards your SEO. The purpose of a content marketing department is to attract qualified prospects who might one day become customers.

    It takes time, organization, and creativity to grow a successful content marketing strategy. It is a learning process, from building your own structure to adding value quotient to your client and manage them better, setting up the strategy for the coming days with innovative tools and techniques have eased down the process a little bit.