• How to Rock At Content Marketing without Writing

    Posted on December 5, 2015 by admin

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    If you get jitters thinking about writing long winded blog posts or any long form of content & if you are into Content Marketing, then congratulations! You have come to the right place.

    The perception that Content Marketing is actually about ‘writing’ like a writer on a mission is passé. All those haven’t being paying attention to the fact that it’s not only words that you have to take the heart away.

    In our previous blogs we have discussed how Content Marketing has grown beyond typical content. You don’t need to spend hours staring at the screen trying to think of something to write in a capacity of a blog. Some stunning visuals coupled with 2-3 lines can do the trick for you. We list out here some popular social media channels where you can experiment.


    If we tell you that Instagram has 400 million active monthly users and more than 75 million daily users would you be surprised?

    Don’t be. Pictures can speak a thousand words- never has this adage been proved so right than on this platform. Instagram has users who are pretty engaged. They like, comment and share your images so go ahead and post interesting images of your brand/business. For starters, see what your competitors are posting and then make it your own. But remember, don’t try to over sell or you might lose followers.


    This is a great platform for getting clicks back to your site. Don’t restrict yourself to one image. Experiment with infographic or creative collages etc. Look up accounts pertaining to your brand/business for inspiration. The more visually appealing the images, the more pins it will gather.


    59% of executives voted in favour of watching a video rather than reading a long text.A good enough reason for you to get onto YouTube. It could be a instructional video, an interesting interview or an advertorial, anything that suits your branding. But remember to showcase the effectiveness of your product, in an entertaining way.


    If your customers are the millennials, then you better hop onto this Instant Messaging app right away. Using images, fleeting ones at that, SnapChat has paved its way into the young hearts in a big way. You can design images, videos which viewers can see. Make it short, snappy and witty.


    Live streaming apps like Periscope enhance customer service and marketing messages. As more and more brands join the bandwagon it is clear that Live streaming is going to be big in digital and social marketing in the coming times. You can do a Live Q&A from a customer service point of view or creating a buzz around a product to gauge interest and enhance buzz around new releases.

    While you can definitely cut down on the number of words you need to type to boost your content marketing, written word isn’t completely dead yet. We have talked about the importance and benefits of engaging in visual content marketing here

    The trick is to mix and match your content marketing strategy by using images to take it forward and support your content. You will appeal to a wider section of audience this way. So you see, armed with the right visual strategy you can create waves and build your brand.