• How to perfect the art of Storytelling

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    How to perfect the art of Storytelling 1

    With the rapid growth of the internet and its expanding reach, storytelling has become an integral part of the marketing strategy for any brand. Using this medium of conversing with your audience can, of course, enhance your brand marketing exercise effectively.

    The market is filled with brands, which are making similar kind of products which come into consumer goods or industrial goods and how over the years they have become a part of the daily conversation within their target audience. Still, the thrust lies in continuing this chapter for the years to come. The success of a brand image can be counted regarding what it says, how it says, and the impact made.

    A good storytelling can come with various message types such as rational & emotional etc. The aim is to convey and connect with your audience and smartly present your content and create a special status within the crowd. As a marketer, one has to concentrate on creating a lasting impression by a compelling origin story that can differentiate you with your competitors.

    A trend has been witnessed that many brands have been participating in video marketing strategy and experiencing success. The volume of one video is worth 1.8million words. This form of storytelling has been used is being heavily used by the brands to create awareness, extending your audience in the most accessible, entertaining way.

    Coca-Cola is a brand which is known for it’s awesome storytelling episodes. Their Share A coke Campaign or “Happiness is Movement” campaign created a rave. The idea behind the second campaign was a depiction of how an active lifestyle, can be responsible for some of our happiest moments in life, and that their brand is aligned with this sentiment. Coca-Cola accumulated a series of videos created by their followers that show how they move to have fun. The direct involvement of audience made this campaign all the more hit.

    Nike roped in Michael Jordan as their spokesperson; the basketball star outlined how his repetitive failures have helped him to succeed. From the inspirational “Just Do It’ to their assertion that “if you have a body, you ARE an athlete,” the Nike brand is rooted in inspiration, innovation, and inclusion, and this brand message has been consistent since its inception.

    What’s the Secret Sauce of storytelling?

    How to perfect the art of Storytelling 2

    • In digital media, a pattern of synchronized communication of story elements that comes together to form one concept is being followed to communicate with the audience. This theory is being used in digital media by brands to communicate with people.

    • Brand communications now focus on processes that make up the creation, production, and distribution of communications to consumers.

    • The thrust of storytelling lies in how well one can connect or engage the audience via a story. Brands have been working on it with an approach of systemic story-building. Focus also lies on layers of communication while including the core idea and video executions. This format is often supported by audience participation.

    • The audience is in look out for more stories and fewer jargons. Complex words or thoughts in a piece can displease your audience.
    Here are some of the tools which can make your storytelling an experience like never before.

    Adobe SparkHow to perfect the art of Storytelling 3

    It is a free online and mobile graphic design app. It can be used for mobile and web tools. It easily creates visual content in the form of beautiful images, videos, and web pages to tell your own story compellingly. This cloud-based tool allows you to saved and synced automatically work. Whether you are using mobile or desktop, you will always get the upgraded work. This means you can continue your work on mobile or desktop whenever you have thought.
    Spark Post is a combination of Photoshop and In Design. One can create professional graphics in a short span of time, and it is easy to craft web stories with it. You can churn out varieties of stories like the business, online newsletters, photo albums, and reports.

    AnimotoHow to perfect the art of Storytelling 4

    It is an affordable, cloud-based tool, which offers a wide palette of choices and customizations to its users to create unique videos. Make great videos easily and tell your brand’s story in the most impeccable way. The user can turn their picture and video bank into professional video slideshows in a matter of minutes. You can also choose one of the slick video themes, add some music, and go all out in sharing your video via message, email, Twitter, and Facebook to impress your circle.

    Spark videoHow to perfect the art of Storytelling 5

    Downloaded more than 3.5 million times, Adobe Spark Video is a free online storytelling application that lets you create animated videos in minutes. While it is not a tool for filming content, it allows you to combine text, images, icons, and themes in a presentation, and then add your voice over the story to create the final video.

    RiplHow to perfect the art of Storytelling 6

    It is again a freemium app, to help you turn simple images into animated posts in seconds and share them on various social media platforms. Use this tool to tell your story, market your business, and promote your site.

    Businesses have understood the importance of storytelling and using videos as one of the options. Professionals across sectors are spending more and more time in watching videos which can give them understanding what is liked, viewed and shared by their prospective audience and clients.

    What are you waiting for? Use the best of the tools to create the most compelling stories for your product and services to maintain the brand awareness, build the business, and improve the rate of conversion.