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Email Marketing Campaigns

We’ll help you design an Email Marketing campaign to expand your reach to your target audience.

Just as with PPC, email marketing is a critical component of a great content marketing campaign, especially if it’s used to deliver blog articles, videos, etc. to potential and existing customers in such a way that it helps them to eventually buy your product/service.


eBooks are here to stay. Remember you read it here first. Reason for our confidence behind the bet is that when there is a complex issue at hand, a well-researched downloadable content to understand it, is the way ahead. Let’s say, through an all platform friendly PDF, we can give your brand opportunities to deeply connect with the audience.


Even though newsletters are the most common to go out to your social media community, talking about a new campaign or product of your brand, they are the most difficult to make. To make a newsletter, you have to be a copywriter + copyeditor + graphic designer + brand manager. And an excellent one at that because mediocrity doesn’t cut it with newsletters.