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Content Generation

We don’t have a magic wand but we have content wizards to create content that will resonate with your audience

Content development in brand building exercises is all about storytelling and creating conversations.


While we love to write and talk, there is a time when an expert opinion on your company’s product/service from a third party perspective is much needed. Whitepapers are the academic papers of marketing content. Basically, this advanced ‘Paper Detectives’, as we like to call white papers, will persuade your audience with evidence and lend that much-coveted credibility.


'A penny for your thoughts'? It is an adage that has now become the new mantra for businesses and people. There are millions of people who are willing to pay more than a penny to read what you are thinking. However, it is the audience’s free and informal source for insightful information about your company and what you sell. But, first your blog needs to sell, and it is not so simple. At Camas, our aim is to make you the twinkling stars of the Blogosphere.

Videos – ‘Seeing is believing’

A report published by Demand Metric indicates that 70 percent of marketers prefer using videos in their strategies. Another 82 percent of marketers show that video content marketing is an extremely effective tool. To summarize this, missing videos in your strategy is like missing popcorn in a movie. Now that you have understood the importance of the videos, let’s not waste time in pushing the play button for your brand.


Not everyone can crunch and digest numbers well. However, numbers and statistics add a credible punch to your brand. Infographics turn facts and figures into compelling images that keep the audience’s attention. A good infographic is always likely to be shared online and on social networks – and that is great for your search engine rankings. Creating an infographic is a time-consuming and expert process – so it is good to give it to us and we will turn them into a rage on the WORLD WIDE WEB.


Presentations are like the Avengers for your brand. It’s like a slideshow of marketing superheroes that talk to the audience in a crisp, concise and yet formal manner without boring. Want an awesome presentation? We can help.