Our Story

Everyone love stories. We have one to share with you, here.

We have been in the business of communications for the last 15 years. All these years we saw the industry facing one particular challenge- engaging with real people on a real-time basis with real content. We wanted to fill this lacuna by creating a way for brands to connect easily with their audience online; thus Camas Media was born.

In 2015, Camas Media was founded on the belief that it is customer-trusted content that establishes and nurtures a brand’s image in the digital world.


Camas Media is an online marketing company offering diverse online brand communications solutions right from Website Development, SEO & SEM to Social Media and ORM.

You would have read this a million times, before reaching here. We can guarantee you that much.

This is probably the most important section of any website and especially so if it is of a company in the digital space that is talking about breaking all cliches.

WE ARE THE BEST! That is thirteen characters, and that is also the space you get to say, what you want to. The challenge is the opportunity and the opportunity is the challenge, today.

Even before you are finished reading this line, things in the world of digital media would have changed. There would be a deluge of tweets, pictures, tags, pins and whatever else is the ‘in’ thing, in a blink of an eye.

Whatever ‘trendy stuff’ you might have been told yesterday or a few hours back is ‘old news’ on the social media. This quicksand nature of the internet can make brands feel overwhelmed.

At Camas Media, we understand the ever-changing scenario of the cyberspace. We are very curious folks and understanding the world around us is what we do in our waking hours (some of us even live in the cyber space!). Our team can help you, and your brand find a footing and develop strategies on how to connect better with your audience online.


We create stories for brands that
their audience wants to listen and share.


We have the bandwidth to amplify your story
so that it reaches the right audience.


We understand the Math of Measurement.
For us it’s the beginning and not the end.