• 5 Tips to Help Rank Your YouTube Videos

    Posted on January 4, 2016 by admin

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    The New Year is here and happening. With the New Year are new trends that will be followed and developed. Some will achieve cult status and some might just fizzle out like old soda. But one trend that’s here to stay is Visual Content Marketing. We have spoken about how videos will take the world of social media by storm this year, and we are as sure of it as the fact that the sun will rise tomorrow.

    It’s a known fact that videos have a higher rate of engagement than a page of text. It can much more informative & entertaining. Basically, we see it as a capsulated form of content marketing. But to make your video content viral it’s important to get the views. No views=Dud.

    YouTube which is the favorite and the most popular video search engine is the best place to drive traffic to your website or become popular online. Competition is tough and getting your videos noticed even tougher. Though there are no rules here, but some tweaks which can help you get the views in an upward spiral. Go ahead and try these:

    1) Keywords are the key

    Befriend SEO, your quickest way to rank higher on the rankings. Know the popular keywords associated with your video and include them in your titles, descriptions and tags.

    The quickest way to find video keywords is to search for keywords in your niche. Check the videos with max views and see their video info. Pick up the tags used by the video. This will enable your video to rank in related searches.

    2) Win at Watch Time Optimization

    Watch Time is an important metric for YouTube to decide the ranking of a video. The higher the watch time, the higher your video will rank and vice versa. Higher ranking videos will be the ones having a longer overall viewing session over those that receive more clicks.

    Make your video interesting; include catchy phrases in your title and description. Avoid long intros. It’s best to be to the point, informative and interesting.

    3) Consistency takes the cake

    On YouTube, niche videos seem to do better than others. So if you are updating videos about one particular topic in your field, then you will have better chances of getting picked up on search rankings.

    By all means be creative, tweak your style and formats, but keep your topic as niche as possible. This way, YouTube will recognize you as a trusted source of that particular topic and move your ranking up.

    4) Audience engagement is awesome

    Audience approval stamp on your videos are another metric counted by YouTube to decide on your ranking. Comments, likes, shares all contribute to a higher reach on the search ladder. Alongside you have the added benefit of knowing your audiences’ viewpoint, feedback and insights to your content.

    Mix up your calls to action and pose questions that would encourage your audience to start talking in the comments. When they do leave a comment, do respond to boost interaction.

    5) Don’t fake it

    In order to move up the ladder, and to get ahead in competition, many videos tend to go down the path of fake views. We suggest to you to stay off this since YouTube has an eye on you and has caught onto fake views. If caught, you will be moved down the rankings and will stay there for a long- long time. Here’s how you can bring some genuine views:

    Mention your video-

    Quora, Yahoo! Answers, and other Q&A sites are some of the most popular sites on the web. Post your YouTube link on these sites. Just search for a question on your video’s topic and add a link to your video. Or better yet, embed it into your answer. As people are looking out for answers in these sites, the views you will get are of high retention.

    Add the video link to your e-mail signature-

    While sending out mails or while replying to mails, add your video link in the signature.


    If you are a blogger yourself or you have friends who blog embed your video link in related blog posts. In this way you will get quick and instant views.

    So it’s time folks to tighten your belts and get on the ride, if you haven’t yet. Get the cameras out, creativity rolling and call action.