• 5 Tips to Create Engaging Content and Win Customers

    Posted on October 17, 2016 by admin

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    Content Marketing is hot and happening right now. Most businesses are trying their hand at it but not many get it. The key to successfully getting the most out of Content marketing is good content that is interesting, informative and awe inspiring, the rest is just…well more noise.

    While it is not very difficult to write, but to create content that really captivates your audience can be a tricky one. Today, content comes in many shapes, sizes and types. From blogs, images, videos, podcasts and hundreds of ways to broadcast your piece, your aim is to make people like and share your content and create a buzz around the brand.

    We list here 5 ways you can get them to do that;

    1) Create a Strategy

    A strong foundation is a must before you start building. Lay out your content strategy in sync with the marketing strategy and the brand voice. Having one voice will enable the customers identify your brand better and positioning you as a thought leader in the industry. Choose platforms you think would suit your business and where your customers are most engaged. Also create a schedule for content pieces you intend to develop over next 2-3 months. A good content strategy should be relevant and flexible enough to accommodate changes according to market trends.

    2) Organize Quizzes and Contests

    Audiences engagement is crucial for your content to pick up pace on the social media. Organising contents, quizzes or a series involving your audience will help in brand recall and customer engagement, two crucial aspects in content marketing. What you create needs to be clear, articulate, within reach and of interest to your audience to participate in. To deepen engagement and increase audience base, ask them to involve their friends, family, social circle etc. for you to help increase your reach.

    3) Gain Credibility

    There are many ways to establish brand credibility. Press coverage, influencers’ approval and publicizing your content/brand, guest blogging and answering questions online are ways your customers will notice and establish trust in you.  Ensure that the content published by you is relevant and good quality, hitting all the check boxes for audience approval. Research trending topics in your industry for more relevance and sustained audience interest. Also double check facts and figures before you hit the publish button. Wrong information can seriously dent your following and credibility online.

    4) Utilize Social Media

    Content marketing is a two way street and so is social media. They make a good match if you know how to utilize the platforms. Considering the huge popularity that the social media enjoys world over, it is one of the best ways to share your content. However, do remember to engage with your customers there as well instead of just stonewalling them. Compliment, create confidence and be quick to solve customers’ issues.

    5) Keep an Eye on the Trends

    People tend to follow the latest trends in order to stay updated and informed. Cashing in on this aspect is important for increasing eyeballs on your content. Track trending topics and provide further insights on them. Even better would be to write on cutting-edge insights on happening that are just round the corner to keep your audience one step ahead and gain admiration in their peer group. Provide real time, trending, hot & happening news and your audience will lap up your content and become your brand advocates.

    Content marketing is a marathon and may not show immediate results or returns, but in today’s online marketing world it is a must do for brands. By starting your own blog or podcast and presence on social media, you will see a long term growth, a wider audience base and gains you would not have probably imagined. Do share your thoughts if you have more tips to engage and entertain your audience through content marketing.