• 12 Myths about Content Marketing

    Posted on March 17, 2016 by admin

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    Content Marketing has been the talk of the town for a while now, kicking up a storm in the marketing arenas. Everyone is talking about it, everyone seems to have an opinion about it. It bodes well for the future of Content Marketing, but there are also a lot of myths that seem to be shrouding this form of marketing. A lots of ifs and don’t and do’s which are mostly not true and a figment of someone’s imagination or some lone experience. We too have been hearing of these myths for a while now and thought it was time to lay the rumors to rest. So here we are sifting the fact from fiction, truth from the hype.

    1. Myth: Content Marketing is easy

    Unless a Content Writer can pull out stuff from thin air, Content marketing is a lot of hard work and research. A lot of time, effort & research go into creating an engaging and effective form of content. Collating the information into a piece of content may seem easy from a distance but hey, grass is greener on the other side right? Content marketing is a form of science and science means precision, creativity, challenge all rolled into one.
    2. Myth: Content Marketing is the ‘flavor of the month’:

    While we are not soothsayers to predict how long will Content Marketing will be in favor with the marketers, one thing is certain, the principles on which content marketing rests will be there for a long time, since it’s all about talking ‘with’ the consumer, rather than talking ‘to’ them. Smart companies are learning to treat this as an asset than a liability and the statistics have proven it. Read here to know more

    3. Myth: You need to have your own blog

    To ensure complete audience engagement, you need regular communication with them. Too often money is invested into developing a blog, only to neglect its very existence. There is no doubt that a blog on your website will give the traffic a boost but maintaining a blog is not everybody’s cup of tea. It needs some commitment. You will need to blog at a consistent rate; else, your traffic will surely see a drop. So if you feel, you aren’t the time bound sorta marketer then let the blog be, instead try guest blogging. If that doesn’t work, don’t fret, Content Marketing has other many options which help you attract consumers and build sale. Read here to know how you can excel without having to write!

    4. Myth: Content Marketing is all about SEO

    Nope, Content Marketing is about people and for the people. SEO is important, but not more than reaching to your audience. If you only concentrate on writing according to your SEO, then be ready for a slump in your content. Be people-friendly, while keeping an eye on the SEO. A balance is the key.

    5. Myth: Content Marketing is all about written text

    Whoever started this rumor has been living under a rock! The growth of YouTube, Pintrest, Periscope, Vine, Instagram will perhaps support our point here. Content Marketing is an umbrella entailing all forms of content whether written or pictorial or videos. User experience is the buzzword here, and a known fact is that human tend to process images faster than written text. So don’t just rely on the words. Pictures speak a thousand words too. Of course, the catch is that the text and the images/videos should be complementary to each other conveying the message in the right manner.

    6. Myth: Content Marketing doesn’t work in all fields

    Where there is audience, Content Marketing will work. With some market research and audience intelligence gathering, you can design your content to work for you. Remember to write according to what your consumer wants to know and not according to what you want to tell them. If your TA isn’t into reading content, design some videos. If some don’t have access to internet, get your message through publication. If they have a short attention span, dish out some super short and snappy content. The key is to know what your audience wants.

    7. Myth: Content Marketing should be all about the Brand

    Content Marketing isn’t traditional advertising, it’s about providing value and empowering your consumer with information they desire. Even before thinking of writing, make sure you have your audience persona ready, which will contain details like their needs, their source of information, time they spend on the net specifically social media, their challenges and tips from you to help your readers overcome them. The audience is looking for answers to their questions and concerns, be the best one to answer them.

    8. Myth :Be all over the social network

    If you believe this myth, then you definitely haven’t heard of ‘quality over quantity’. There are probably hundreds of social media channels today, and they continue to multiply. Being present all over them will probably leave your stressed and confused. Don’t spread yourself thin. Be present where your target audience is, nowhere else. The more social networks you sign up for, the more work you are piling up on yourself and leaving less space for more crucial tasks like creating quality content. Identify the channels most suited for your brand and where your TA likes to hang out and focus only on those.

    9. Myth: Content Marketing yields quick results

    Like we have mentioned in our earlier blog posts Content Marketing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. It can take a time of 6 months or longer for you to see results of the content you have published online. Unlike traditional advertising, it does not provide immediate proof of success or failure for that matter. Content marketing means long term benefits which include generating leads/conversion through old content you might have published.

    10. Myth: One size fits all

    It does not. Be it the strategy or the content. Adopting the same content marketing strategy each time is an invitation to failure. Marketing strategies will have to differ according to the audience. For example a converted sales and a prospective sale will not be on the same plane. The content for both the segments will have to be designed accordingly. Content strategy for a B2B and a B2C will be different. A B2C might have bite sized content which its consumers/readers can digest easily, whereas a B2B may have to design in-depth analysis and expertise articles to lure in its customers.

    11. Myth: Social Media is enough

    If you think you can sustain your business based on your social media presence then you haven’t really grasped the importance of owning a website or a blog for your brand. While, social media networks are definitely important for any brand to promote itself and engage with its readers in today’s day, but to nullify the importance of your own website or a blog can prove disastrous in the long run. Social media can be a tool to spread awareness, but to have a sustainable, returning and loyal customer base; you need to have a returning address for your business. A sound content marketing strategy enables you to drive traffic to your website from other channels, boosting conversions, awareness and sales.

    12. Myth: Content should be long and exhaustive

    Oh yeah…right. Sorry about that. But you see we are busting myths here and they seem to be a LOT of them!
    Ok, so Twitter, Buzzfeed etc have taught us that brevity is not a problem as long as your content is superb. As long as the message is conveyed, it’s all good.

    Let us know if you have heard other myths about Content Marketing. We will bust them up for you right here.