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    Content is driving the internet, and now there is no looking back. More platforms, more users and more content have become the talk of the town. What makes sense for competent marketing strategists is to understand that how qualitative is their content? An impressive bucket of content has become an important device to run any marketing activity or advertising campaign. A user every day comes across end number of information in the form of articles, blogs, info graphics, etc. In between this chaos how can your content stand out of the crowd if it’s not crisp, focused or written aptly or lacks the tactics of SEO?

    Your team is working hard to create a series of content for your multiple social media platforms, but still, the destination looks far away.

    It has been proven that content marketing is very effective, but is not a cakewalk for them who are in this race. It needs some serious thinking to counter the day to day chaotic and crowded business market both offline and online. It is coming out as an excellent way to connect with your customers, prospective customers and aspirants as it allows you conveniently to make your goods and services known and readily available to your audience.

    The boom in the sphere of content marketing has been well realised by the technology industry, and the experts have created a string of tools to make the efforts easier for the content marketers and manage their day to day work and targets with great efficiency.

    1. Outbrain
    Your create an informative piece which is lagging behind in the race as far as publishing and distribution is concerned. One can use the tool Outbrain to get rid of the above-mentioned issues as it can help you in increase the dimension of your audience for different kinds of content – video, blog posts & infographics.

    2. Buffer
    The right mantra to create a buzz about your content is when you promote it at the right time. It can be achieved if you follow and understand the social media habits of your audience. This will help you to figure out about what time a particular social media platform gets the most traffic and then you can expose your content.
    With Buffer, you can schedule the publication of your social media posts at the right time.
    3. Assignment Masters
    Every content marketer follows the drill to discover the topic for their posts and sometimes they are different from the writing they have been presenting. Content marketing companies hire a professional writer from different domains to create a variety of content. Along with a professional writer, one can take help of Assignment Masters for their editing services which will make your posts ready for dissemination in no time.
    4. MailChimp
    One cannot deny the importance of email marketing. If your followers appreciate your work, they subscribe to get email updates for future. In this case, the email has to be crisp and perfect. MailChimp is an easy tool that enables you to create beautiful emails, and you can send them to your contact list in one go.

    5. GIMP
    Your content will miss creating a sound and strong impact if it lacks great images. Today content marketers are giving equal importance to content and picture. You can rely on GIMP as it is free and has all the components to edit your images and very easily too.
    Retouching photos, creating new images, and building composite images are some of the features of GIMP. It will certainly make your content more appealing to your customers and translate to more readership and success for you.
    6. MixPanel

    Every content marketer has two goals – retain your customer and increase your customer. A healthy analyzation of your customers will give you some important information which can add value to your strategy while your market your content.
    It has some multiple impressive features such as retention analysis, funnel reports, and user segmentation. It is also helpful for sending customised messages to your readers and create surveys. This tool is easy to be used by any layman.
    7. KingSumo Headlines

    A strong headline is always recommended to grab attention. This tool helps to find out the best headline. A content maker can give few alternative titles for the posts, and the tool shows them to a different group of visitors.
    Later on, you get a report that shows you what headline can give you the best performance.

    8. BuzzSumo

    Every smart businessperson would like to know what their competitors are doing. You will be armed with a list of the highest ranking, the best social marketers, the most trending content on the internet that matches your keywords, and more.
    These essentials elements can help you in creating an outstanding blog post, learn the tricks to know the advertising methods based on your target audience.
    9. Quora
    Creating content means one has to be a voracious reader so that you don’t end up feeling the shortage of knowledge. A platform like Quora can give you access to some really interesting questions and answers.
    10. Twitter
    Twitter is one of the most important platforms not be missed in the list of content marketing tools, and it is free to use. You can use excerpts of your blog post and share them as tweets. When you create a tweetable content, you will notice how the number of visits to your blog/websites is getting greater by the day. The more your tweet is retweeted, you will notice the impressions your posts will attract on a daily basis.
    11. Google Webmaster Tools
    One more area where you have to think is about the rank your posts achieve on Google search since that is how many people can locate them. Google Webmaster is untouchable and the most efficient amongst the SEO tools available. Use keywords to easily discover how you rank and then you can develop a link-building strategy that will help you achieve better results.
    Infographics is another way to boost the effectiveness of your content. It works wonders because there is no better way to pass along information than with a very visual image. It can make you achieve more than what a thousand words can do.