• 10(+1) Best Content Marketing Blogs to Up Your Game

    Posted on July 22, 2016 by admin

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    Having choices is a good thing, but when you face a deluge making a decision that you will not regret becomes a major challenge. If you have tried navigating the world of content marketing and social media blogs, this might be a familiar feeling.  Faced with the tremendous resource available online one might be faced with what can best be defined as a ‘paradox of choice’. It can be overwhelming to sift through the mass of content and find those that work for you in the Content marketing world. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, if you are looking for quality blogs, we have right here listed out to you in no particular order.

    1) Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

    They are the go-to guys for up to date information on the trends, researches and articles on Content Marketing. With a new article, each day and a series of “This Week on Content Marketing”, a favourite of the marketing world, their blogs are popular all over.  Pay them a visit to get your daily dose.

    2) HubSpot

    They have been credited with starting the inbound marketing wave.  Their blog page is divided into two sections: Marketing and Sales with a host of subtopics to choose from according to your line of interest.  With their frequency of daily posts, they also provide insights and perspective into a host of topics with their guest writers.

    3) Business2Community

    To get the information on marketing, business, social media, tech this is the place to go. They boast of tonnes of content from the industry insiders and experts, so you are bound to get the inside scoop and analysis on the topic you are interested in.

    4) Kissmetrics

    They have much excellent content which you will be tempted to share. They are worth looking up if you are hunting for some good, informative content since they have the industry stellar writing for them.

    5) Quicksprout

    It is Neil Patel! Every content marketer worth his salt knows that this guy is a walking encyclopaedia in the field. His insights come from his experience and are high value. His blogs are peppered with insights, data to support his theory and much perspectives.

    6) Danny Brown

    A marketing professional, Danny Brown is a known media influencer in the western world. His blog is well thought out content hub with an interesting range of topics, not only dealing with the professional stuff but also an insight into his personal journey. His blog was also awarded the no.1 marketing blog in the world by Hubspot and Social Media Examiner

    7) The Content Marketer

    The blog is managed by Kapost, a Colorado-based Content Marketing software platform. The blog is highly readable since it is straightforward, informative and relevant.  We say, bookmark it.

    8) Convince and Convert

    With a huge range of guest bloggers from the industry and one of the most influential marketers managing the platform  (its run by Jay Baer, a bona fide Content Marketing expert and author), this is a one stop for good quality insightful content from the industry whos-who.

    9) Jeff Bullas

    A blogger, author, speaker, online marketing consultant Jeff Bullas wears many hats, and they all fit him quite well! From social media strategy to marketing tips, he shares them eloquently in his blog. He is an influencer in the social media circles and publishes his posts daily.

    10)  Social Media Examiner

    This is an original and effective weapon to manoeuvre the jungles of social media platforms. From latest trends, news, discussions, podcasts, webinars, articles solely dealing with the social media, they are an expert at it.

    Last, and certainly not least, is the CamasSutra blog. (You did not think we would leave our blog off the list!)

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