• 10 Ways to Rock the Social Media with Content

    Posted on October 20, 2015 by admin

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    Connecting with your audience and creating engagements are crucial for your social media marketing to remain healthy. If not it can soon get to the ventilator and pass on to the other world! We understand that trying to comprehend the elusive social media audience is a task. We know. We too grappled with it at the start of our business. So we devised some strategies, observed what the experts were up to, innovated a bit and here we are! Sharing some of our tips, some we learnt on the job, some were inspired and some were discovered over a cup of coffee and lengthy brainstorming sessions.

    Tip No.1

    Refresh your old posts with new titles- Some wonderfully written old blogposts tend to languish in the backwaters of the internet, but all that is set to change. We recommend you to dig out some of your old blogs- refurbish them, tweak them a bit.

    Camas recommends: At the time of sharing it over Facebook or Twitter change the headline too, just to keep the freshness alive.

    Tip No.2

    Present your presentation- Your blog posts can be converted to Presentations and uploaded on Slideshare. Along with the added benefit of visual content, you can also shine on LinkedIn, since it owns Slideshare.

    Camas recommends: Make your presentations crisp and attractive and get the ball moving.

    Tip No. 3

    Add text to images- Images generate more engagement is common knowledge now. So make use of it. Add images to you status updates, tweets, articles etc before you hit the publish button. For a higher impact add text to your image.

    Camas recommends: Just a headline- 5-6 words would suffice. But make sure it delivers the essence.

    Tip No. 4

    Pin it- When it comes to visual content on social media Pintrest is the toast of the marketers. Make sure a Pin-it button is embedded onto all your images to make sharing easy.

    Camas recommends: If you want to know the impact this little red button is having, you can use the Pintrest Analytics. Here you can see the impressions and the clicks that you are getting.

    Tip No. 5

    Convert content to videos- Videos are a surefire way to get noticed on social media. But if you don’t have a video or don’t have the knack or budget for it, fret not. You can convert some of your content into video clips.

    Camas recommends: Add some effects and some music to suit the mood and share.

    Tip No. 6

    Add share buttons to your content- Embed social media sharing buttons onto your blog, videos, images and any other content that you would want to be shared on social media. The thing is if you do not get these buttons, no matter how great your stuff is, you are not going to win at your social media marketing.

    Camas recommends: Add a “Tweet this” plug-in onto your content which enables a reader to tweet snippets of your content to Twitter.

    Tip No. 7

    Share the most popular content- Look up articles that are being shared widely on social media related to your field and share them. Sharing curated content that is popular will help you garner more likes, shares, re-tweets on your social media account.

    Camas recommends: Use BuzzSumo to know which content is performing the best. Identify and share.

    Tip No. 8

    Reshare your most shared content- Look up the archives and identify some of your most shared/popular posts and tweets and re-share them again. But do ensure that they are relevant.

    Camas recommends: BuzzSumo once again. Helps you identify which of your posts had the most social media shares.

    Tip No. 9

    Convert content to images- Look up all the gyaan you have been giving out in your blogs, articles etc and pick out some interesting quote or tip. Convert it into an image and share. Share it on social media with a link to your blog for traffic.

    Camas recommends: There are a number of sites which offer free design, easy to use templates for your social media pages.

    Tip No. 10

    Unleash a flurry of posts as soon as you update your blog- Every time you publish a new post or article, tease it on the social media with a link to your website. The more you will post, the greater are the chances of improving visibility, visitors, and conversions.

    Camas recommends:  Make the teasers interesting. Also have a social sharing schedule ready to avoid any bumps.

    Let us know what you think of our tips. Also share with us some of your interesting ideas for establishing a rocking social media presence. Happy sharing!