• 10 Steps to Successful Social Media Strategy via Blogs

    Posted on November 11, 2016 by admin

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    Blogs have become an important tool to establish any solid business website. They not only help from SEO and social media point of view but also allow customers to get aware of the company through multiple dimensions such as personality, culture, experience and expertise.

    Despite the fact that content marketers are trying to widen the audience through various content formats and most importantly through blogs, but they lack strong digital marketing strategy.

    Here are ten points for a strong content marketing exercise via blog.

    1)    What’s your strategy?

    Map out the followings:

    a) Your objective of blog writing

    Mull over the purpose of your blog, to pronounce your expertise in your respective domain or as a guidebook for people about that industry. Do you want to showcase what goes within the four walls of your corporate hub or attract a loyal mind?

    For many, the first and foremost mantra is to attract traffic on the internet. Different organisations mean different focus, but what is must is to curate content towards that ultimate goal.

    b) Target audience

    Whom am I targeting? Understand your audience personality and maintain the content list which would attract them. For example, A brand like Johnson & Johnson will cater to would-be mothers and mothers. As they cannot hammer you with products portfolio each time, they can bring interesting tales on parenting, pregnancy, motherhood and baby hygiene, etc. to make the moms hooked on their sites or social media pages.

    c) The Appeal factor

    Be specific while making your content, calculate their purpose too and decide their categories too. Something like First Time Mother, Parenting while Traveling, Myths, etc.

    Finally, it is time to get specific. Come up with the types of content you will be creating, and note the purpose of each.

    2. The impeccable headline

    You many have spent hours to write a beautiful piece, but all goes as a waste with a poor headline. Don’t let your audience on Facebook or Google just to scroll down your story in the news feed item. Give enough time to think of a catchy headline, make it funny, irrelevant, whacky to boost the interest.

    3. Picture Perfect

    The content tempered with some great images guarantees more views than plain text. The images need to be tailored to fit the content, illustrating a point made, giving more detail, or showcasing an example.

    4. The cult of in-depth posts

    Your blog should not look like the run of a mill type; it should be dedicated write-up on the respective topic beautifully to highlight its important message as well as maintains the tone. We count 1,200 words for any decent blog post.

    5. Be consistent

    Maintain a frequency to post your blogs, and it should be followed religiously. Keeping a blog space silent for a longer period can be the primary reason for traffic slowdown and losing your audiences. The more the brand is active, the more you need to be ready with stories and content to fill your followers’ mind.

    6. Choose the right voice.

    The voice of your blog should match up with the type of audience you are targeting as it is important to decide what kind of writing style or voice will appeal them. A product portfolio for teens needs a voice to meet their thinking and action. We cannot present a fun, peppy, humorous and perky blog to someone who is middle aged and detest that tone.

    7. Strong Positioning

    Make your blogs as the share of voice in the industry with unique content, research, highlighting industry issues, giving apt replies to problems and grievances. Your consistent writing can come across too many readers as helpful posts and thus you hit the bulls’ eye as you become a credible source of information and improve your ratings too social media space.

    8. The right optimization of your posts

    Want to be in the first place on Google, elevate your posts then.  Google Keyword Planner is an easy way to find out phrases which are being used to search for productions and campaigns similar to your brand and then one can follow the trend.

    9. Get the word out about each post.

    Your work does not end once your post is up. Spread the same among your network and target audience and drive the traffic. Maintain a practice of sharing your good work and campaigns on your personal social media channels too as you too will have followers who love to read your thoughts and follow your page. Tagging industry czars or influence is another way of reaching and connecting them in a good and professional way.

    10. The Analytical Number

    Analytics is a major requisite for each blog post, and it should regularly be monitored. Consider the topics that bring traffic, lead to conversation and share. Compare the analytics to understand your improvement and more needs to be done.

    These are simple steps to earn glory when you are in the social media sector. A blog is one of the key elements to get things going on your site – when created strategically; it is a gateway to many favorable things.