• 10 Quick Tips about Content Marketing

    Posted on June 10, 2016 by admin

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    In the current marketing scenario, Content Marketing has become the hottest trend for maximising sales and leveraging marketing strategy. If done right, it can make your brand unforgettable by capturing the attention of the right audience.

    Content Marketing has the knack of attracting the leads to the brands on an emotional level. Since they form a sort of attachment to the brand, they are more likely to do business with you on a continuous basis. We offer you here 10 quick tips to pay attention to as you move further up in your content marketing program.

    1) Focus largely on the content

    Analytics are great, but the content is where your money should be. Analytics can provide much insight on the traffic and the strategy performance, but giving it your whole attention can be detrimental to the overall strategy. Instead, focus on content development. Good content will eventually catch the reader’s attention and improve the analytics. Concentrate on what your audience desires from you. Insights and techniques will help fill their information void.

    2) Give insights, not just information

    Your job is not to report. While it is interesting to report new finds and statistics, make sure you detail the effects this finding can have on your industry and what people should do about it makes it more share-worthy. Use the finding/statistics as the starting point and then go on to provide insights of its impact.

    3) Headlines deserve special attention

    Think of the headline as the packaging of your article. That is what will attract the reader/audience to your post. Depending on the industry and the form of content you can either make the headline intriguing, funny, witty or emotional. Attractive headlines have the capability to attract reader’s attention. However, take care not go overboard for you may just fall of the ship!

    4) Make current events a conversation starter

    What’s the latest buzz in your industry? Pick it up and make it a starting point of your content. The idea is to provide an insider’s view on the event and how it can or will affect the reader.

    5) Engage with readers

    When users share or retweet your content on social media be sure to thank them and respond to their comments. If the reader feels engaged and connected with the brand they are much more likely to convert to customers. Engaging with your readers helps develop a connection and understanding them further. In turn, your readers are more likely to recommend you to their peers and bring in more traffic.

    6) Share your content on the right platforms

    The more platforms you share your content on, the more readership you are likely to have. However, spreading yourself too thin is not a good idea. Understand where your audience hangs out and target those platforms for your content sharing. For example, a brand targeting millennials will need a presence on Snapchat, Instagram, Vimeo, Dubsmash etc. A B2B, on the other hand, has no requirement to be on these channels.

    7) Recycle your content

    Re-use some of your most popular content from time to time. Refurbishing content after a while can work wonders by allowing your quality content to reach a wider and newer set of audience. You can convert your old blogs into PPTs, or use some lines as quotes with added visuals or translate some of your work into an e-book etc.

    8) Quality matters

    We have talked about quality over quantity in our previous blogs. We reinstate the same here again since it is an extremely crucial aspect of a successful content marketing strategy. The goal of content marketing is to inspire trust, establish reputation and garner influence in the market. Low quality, poor content will accomplish none of these.

    9) Don’t forget to advertise

    Subtle advertising is what content marketing is. Once in a while, do plug in your services and products into your content for your reader to understand more about you. Also the ads services on Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram allow brands to showcase themselves to the prospective audience via a targeted strategy. Make use of them to publicise yourself once in a while.

    10) Be relevant

    If your content marketing efforts are responsive enough to touch audiences in a pertinent and timely manner, you will be top on the minds of your audience and prospective customers. The web rewards the players who are quick and think on their feet vs. their slower counterparts. Knowing your audience is crucial to staying relevant on the content marketing front. Understand their needs, desires and problems and create content that is relatable and fill the gap between the need and want.

    Do you have any more tips to share with us to make Content Marketing better? Make sure to drop in your ideas.